Richard Hudson

Richard Hudson


I'm a London based graphic designer with over ten years’ combined agency, consultancy and freelance experience.

I create graphic design to stimulate an audience. I visually connect brands with people to spark interest, create intrigue, inform and prompt action.

Over the years I’ve developed my understanding of how best to do this. Working out visually clean, simple and engaging ways of appealing to different sectors, among new technology and trends is something I really enjoy.

People play a huge part in what I do. I am passionate about building relationships with clients and have shaped award-winning projects working as part of a team.

I like to do things properly, following a full creative process. The results are better, more original and last longer. I care about the success of my projects – showing pride in my work and sharing my achievements is the best way to demonstrate my skills.

I design for digital and print applications. I see design as the form and function, and brand as the emotional connection. Both are incredibly important to the success of visual communication.

I also offer illustration services; often necessary to visually convey a message or an idea in a simple way.


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